Snapshots of our Learning in Whakatōtanga …
Throughout the year, we engage in rich learning activities. Check out these photos to see what we have been up to:

In Term 3 we incorporated the hatching and caring of our baby chicks into our Discovery learning.
Some of the activities we did were:

  • What’s inside an egg? – drawing what we think is inside, then breaking open an egg and discovering what is really there.
  • What happens when we beat the egg white? What makes it expand?
  • Why are eggs oval? – investigating why eggs are not round.
  • How do eggs roll? – discovering what happens when we roll an egg (a plastic one!!)
  • Up close experience with a chicken, for some children this was the very first time
  • Looking after a plastic egg for one whole week – Eggs were named, an egg roll was called each day, many had houses made for them, they went home each day. We wrote about their adventures. There were some interesting excuses when eggs didn’t come to school. The eggs even had a class photo!
  • have also integrated the chicken experience into our Maths problems and other writing eg About to Hatch
  • Finally our technology task to design and make a label for Chicken Gran’s egg cartons.