Health and Well-Being

Bullying-Zero Tolerance

We have zero tolerance to bullying at Stanhope Road School. We take this very seriously and will investigate any incident that is reported to us. We intend to eliminate these hurtful behaviours and request that parents report any incident via email to Mrs Jenny Bristow


School Sick Bay

All of our office staff hold current First aid Certificates. Any child that is sick or injured has their named entered in the log book.


School Life Coach

Alicia Trethowen is our School Life Coach, her role is supporting students , their families and school staff by being a caring listener. Students can arrange to to talk to Alicia  by talking to their classroom teacher or Mrs Bristow (Deputy Principal, Pastoral Care).

Alicia fulfils a pastoral care role in our school community, she will provide support and a listening ear for our students, their families especially when there are personal or family difficulties. Alicia is available to talk with teachers or parents of students. Teachers may also be able to suggest to students that Alicia may be a helpful person to speak to.

Alicia’s hour of work is every Tuesday between 10.00am-2.00pm, during interval and lunchtime will usually be circulating or interacting in the playground and will be additional support person available to our students