In All We Say And Do

 Talofa lava i le paia , o matua ma fanau, 
a'o tatou faia se fa'afiafiaga i lenei vaiaso mo le gagana ma le aganu'u Fa'a Samoa. Soifua

Greetings to all our parents and children gathered  here as we celebrate this week, the language and culture of Samoa.

  Please read the summary from the recent School Satisfaction Survey as summarised by our BOT attached within this website posting. Please read right to the end - there are some great photos of our students in action with their learning in our Term 2 INQUIRY LEARNING TOPIC


We are proud to share with you a piece of Writing from Room 8 by Thomas Hopkins who is a Year 2.  

"Visiting The Marae"

On Thursday we went to a Marae on a bus. When we got to the Marae we got out. Then a man with a weapon called a Taiaha came up to us to see if we were a friend or an enemy. After that, a person that was a girl did a greeting. Then we took our shoes off at the door to show respect and good manners. We came inside and then Mauri in Room 7 did our Whaikorero speech. After the speech we sung a Waiata called "Te Aroha". Then we had morning tea. After that, the boys learnt the haka and the girls learnt a waiata. I felt happy!




Congratulations Thomas - your work was applauded by our teachers, and sent for a special Principal's Award to celebrate the detail in your writing. We all got a VERY clear picture in our minds from your story.

We would love to show you how Writing is taught in a classroom of 2015. Come along!

Please enjoy the photos from the Team 2 Marae Trip
(Thanks Mrs Burrell for your photography magic!)

Another wonderful event that took place this term, is our annual participation in the Chess Competitions. Thanks to Mrs Burrell and Mr Gillespie for coaching our students for this competition.

Just look at this concentration!!! How wonderful!!    

Mrs Burrell's Chess Team 2015

What's News At SRS This Month

  • The Uniform Committee has launched the new uniform - we have a result from the Community Consultation Vote which took place at the Home School Conferences on April 29th. The final decision is that BOTH the red and the black polo shirts will be worn as the new uniform is rolled out. The vote was SO close that there was no clear winner. Even families who came into the Library to vote, had the Mums/Daughters voting red, and the Dads/Sons voting black!!!! Everyone wins as the polo shirts look great side by side.

    A letter will be sent home to all families, outlining the items of the uniform and the process for rolling out the new uniform from Term 3 onwards. Dates to be aware of for trying on the uniform for sizes:

    Friday Night           - 12th June @ 6.30pm - 8.00pm

    Saturday Morning - 13th June @ 8.00am - 10.30am

    The new uniform will only be on sale at Stanhope Road School.
    The Warehouse will only be stocking the current (old) uniform until stocks run out. The new uniform will be phased in until Feb 2017.

  • Tuakana Teina Days happen in our school. These are valuable days which allow us to join our classes together as older/younger students. Some wonderful peer tutoring happens on these days as well as some very in-depth learning sessions for the teachers in their teams. This term's Tuakana Teina Days are for the teachers to have professional development in teaching WRITING; and will follow up later in the term with professional development in teaching E-LEARNING (Learning with Digital Technologies). Together these two sessions will allow us to strengthen our planning and evaluation of these two critical curriculum areas.



  • Our KiwiSport coaching programme for Term 2 has been Basketball skills for the Seniors and Gymnastics for the Juniors. This programme allows for specific coaching skills to be delivered by quality coaches courtesy of our Sport Auckland partnership. Each class has their own 45 minute session each week. 

  • Our Sport coaching sessions have been in full swing this term - we have Mr Gillespie coaching the Year 5/6 soccer teams; Mr O'Connor coaching the Year 7/8 soccer teams; Mr Meadows coaching the Year 5/6 League teams;  Ms Melling coaching the Hockey teams; Ms Youle coaching the Basketball teams; Mr Vainikolo and Ms Salesa coaching the Netball teams. We could sure do with some help on tournament days - anyone available??? Dates are always in the Friday Flyer - we could sure do with some help on tournament days - did I say that already??? Just in case you are freeeee!!! We could sure do with some help!!!!

  • Our local secondary school, One Tree Hill College has just received a very positive ERO report with a 4-5 year review cycle. This means that ERO has reported OTHC has good self review processes and programmes are well in place to cater for all students. We have attached a copy of the OTHC ERO report for your reading should you be interested in enrolling locally. For those students in Year 8 - it is definitely time to think about where you are enrolling for 2016. Out of zone enrolments for other schools are happening now if you are interested also.

  • I'd like to take the time to thank our wonderful staff of teachers and support staff.  A very special mention to our fantastic Mrs Jenny Bristow, who takes care of ALL the logistics in making things fit for the timetable, and release time for teachers to attend Sports Tournaments and Professional Learning.SRS is a well-oiled machine and everyone who comes into the school comments on the positive, friendly, family feeling that is very tangible throughout the school. We are strong at working together, and with your input and ours, we can thrive.

    Nau te rourou naku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi

    Manuia le Aso (Have a great day!)

 Look forward to seeing you all throughout the year,

Corinne Hansell


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