Thanks to our amazing visitors from NZ History past....they all kindly accepted my invitation to come back and visit SRS students.  Our visitors helped our students to better understand some of the significant events in NZ history and during their inquiry students will explore how these event (and others) shaped our nation.  Please look out for the HOME-SCHOOL LEARNING task - families get a chance to tell us about their NZ story.


 HEALTH TALKS.......working together for heatlhy students.

Nits - Scabies - School Sores - Colds

Vision - Hearing - Before School Checks - Dental Care


We want to provide regular opportunities for our parent community to learn more about health issues and the best way to deal with them. Please come along and meet Georgia ...plus listen, ask questions, get information, see demonstrations...and let us know what else you want to know about.

SRS are proud to learn Te Reo Maori - this year the focus has shifted from ONE week in a year to ONE word every day for the year!  See our fb page to see our SUPER Stanhopers use the first word APOPO.  You can keep up as a family via their website or fb page.                  


mOrE sUpErStAnHoPeRs BeiNg StArS!

 Tanisha Samut from        Our year 7 netball team - for most of these students its their first   Room 11 showing                  ever team and tournament they have played in - good luck!     us her old cellphone returns                                    

      Designing a nations flag                  Our staff and students safety back from Japan.


qUiCk UpDaTes & ReMiNdErS

Term 3 activity fees are now due

League training is ONLY during school time now.

Wed - Choir and Netball out

Thurs - Y8 Vaccinations and Health Seminar

 Wed & Fri 1pm Bball team to lagoon for training 

Ia Manuia

Laurayne Tafa