Understanding the literacy demands of the curriculum

Students need to do more than just read and write. They need to use their reading and writing to meet the demands of the New Zealand Curriculum. These demands are integral to many of the teaching and learning activities that support students in developing the key competencies as well as knowledge and skills in all the essential learning areas.

Reading and writing as interactive tools

Reading and writing are interactive tools1 that students use to engage with all the learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum.  *Taken from the Literay Learning Progressions http://www.literacyprogressions.tki.org.nz/

Writing development in the Junior School

Sometimes we write together - Collaborative Writing

LOOK at all of our great ideas.....we can use each others ideas and words in our stories.

I can say, hear, and record the predominant sounds in the words I want to write.  

LOOK I'm experimenting with capturing words from my own oral vocabulary

 Sometimes we need quiet time on our own to develop our ideas & thoughts into whole stories.

LOOK - I am organising my ideas in a plan and then turning my ideas into connected sentences to make a story.



We also use our writing skills in other learning areas.

LOOK at us writing a summary about the information in our graphs in maths!

Ms Tafa loves seeing our great work!

SPORTING NEWS.....Swim team gets great results!

 Joseph Whittington 1st in 1 length freestyle and backstroke.   La Baz Jackman 1st in both 1 length & 2 length freestyle.   Sasha Nefiodov 1st in both the open breast stroke and 3 length medley.  Sione Koloi -1st 2 lengths freestyle.  Alexis McPherson 2nd 1 length freestyle & 2nd 1 length backstoke.  Jeniffer Fetesio 1st in 2 length freestyle & 3rd 1 length freestyle.  Calvin Woller 3rd in 1 length freestyle & 2nd in 1 length backstroke.  Lyric Davison 2nd 1 length fresstyle & 3 length medley.  Maia Sebenik 3rd 1 length fresstyle.  Team Relays 1st Y7&8s & 2nd Y4,5&6.  Also competing in our swim team was Grayson Spittle &   Anmol Kumar...BIG thanks to Ms Perring for all the training time.



Great to see all the families out at the LEGO MOVIE fundraiser - we appreciate your support.  SRS Parent Group 2014.


 Quick  Updates

Teachers stratergize to beat the swim team this week!


Last Day of the term is THIS Thursday ....see you back on the 5th of May




Ia Manuia

Laurayne Tafa



























Ia Manuia

Laurayne Tafa