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He mihi nui ki a koutou mo te Wiki o te Reo Maori



Guardians Of Our Galaxy
(Building A Pathway To Our Future)


Our Inquiry Learning plan for Term 3 has the following

'BIG IDEAS'  on which each team has built their planning:-

Focus Statement = We Are All Environmental Warriors

Focus Question    = Can We Build It? (....Yes We Can!)

                                          (Our School - Our World - Our PLANET)

Macro Concept    = Contributing to our Local Footprint with                              a view to strengthening our Global Impact

Big Concepts For Students To Develop:-

  • We are all Kaitiaki of our own environment

  • Children contribute to the environmental and cultural footprint in our school

  • Children are entrepreneurs, defining their future

  • Caring for our finances can set us up well for our future

  • Children understand the impact they have on our environment

  • We can beautify our environment, but how do we continue to care for it into the future

The Thinking Behind The Unit Development:-

  • Our external environment could do with some beautification projects around the grounds - explore our needs and areas where a construction could reflect our learning
  • Our children need to take ownership for the care of their own environments; 
    Proactive - not reactive awareness of litter in the grounds (a sub-plot of the unit)
  • Our children are to be introduced to Financial Capabilities in the form of Budgeting; gaining quotes; estimations of costs; exploring spending/saving strategies.
  • Our children can initiate ideas for what would be good constructions to create for our environment - develop key ideas for the projects
  • Our school has a DIY Dads group - can we gain support to help install the projects
  • Our constructions could build on our recent Diversity theme, and reflect who we are around the school
  • Our school has an Enviro Team - how can we engage them as leaders so that they leave a presence within this unit
  • Our constructions will link areas of the Science; Maths; Technology Curriculum

  • Our constructions will be launched in the better weather of early Term 4.


  • Dance Workshops Begin - University of Auck Dance Sch
    (Middle School/Team 2)    Tues 4th August 

  • Home School Conferences - Mid Year Student Goals
    (Children home @ 12pm)     Thurs 13th August

  • Parent Support Group - Sausage Sizzle At Mitre10Mega
                                             Saturday 15th August

  • Year 7/8 Parent Night - Attitude Programme @ 6.30pm
                                             Wed 19th August

  • Parent Support Group - Mathathon Fundraiser Begins
                                             Monday 24th August

  • Parent Support Group - Sausage Sizzle At Mitre10Mega
                                             Saturday 12th September


Sport Field Days Term 3

  • Week 3 - EZ Netball (Year 7/8) - Tues 4th August

  • Week 4 - Tamaki Cluster Netball (Year 5/6) - Wed 12th Aug

  • Week 5 - EZ League (Year 7/8) - Tues 18th Aug

  • Week 9 - EZ Basketball (Year 7/8 Boys) - Mon 14th Sept

  • Week 9 - EZ Basketball (Year 7/8 Girls) - Wed 16th Sept


    Please come along and help support our teams                                                                        

Hei konei ra

 Look forward to seeing you all throughout the year,

Corinne Hansell