A Farewell Tribute To Our Year 8's


Congratulations to our Year 8's who have just completed a very successful week at Karakariki (near Raglan).

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The activities included a full day surf lifesaving session at Raglan; a trip to Waitomo Caves to see the glow worms; learning the new skill of Caving at Karamu Caves; a trip to Waingaro Hot Springs; a visit to Candyland (learning to make lollypops) not to mention bush and survival skills at the camp itself. As well as all of this, our children learnt the importance of sharing duties, contributing to their environment and developing further leadership skills - relating to each other in trying circumstances as well as celebrating the fun and good times together.

Our group of Year 8's have had a full week of adventures . The teachers reported how wonderfully engaged and superbly behaved our Year 8's were, even when they were exhausted from all the activities. We are extremely proud of our Year 8 students who attended the camp . Congratulations on your maturity, your exemplary behaviour and making us very proud!  I hope you all have a fantastic last week as the Seniors of our school - we all feel very lucky to have you.

Learning Experiences Outside The Classroom

In the past week, our Senior students from Years 5-8 have had the most incredible "outside school" experiences. They have had Beach Safety sessions and learnt to Kayak, Paddle board; experience Lifesaving in the Surf and generally learnt to handle the sea in a safe and confident way. If we have influenced our children to handle themselves in and around water, and we save lives along the way, then we have done a good job. We thank you for paying your ACTIVITY FEES so we are able to plan such valuable experiences for your children and prepare them for caring for themselves in and around the unpredictable conditions of the sea.

  Learning to be confident in water, read the conditions, and know what to do saves lives. All Year 5 - 8 students have had this lesson.

With thanks to all for supporting great learning!

 Corinne Hansell

(Happy Principal)