Malo e leilei

Welcome to Tongan Language Week ...the theme this year is

"Enriching Aotearoa with Tongan People's Wisdom" 

Koe lea ae aho ko "Ofa" koe ene fakapalangi koe Love

The word of the day is Ofa. The english translation is Love...use it today!


Look who is coming to help at school...

All BNZ branches nation wide close this Thursday to support communities be good with money.  

We have a team of ten BNZ staff member who will be helping us with our resource management systems, re-organisation and resource data base so we are better informed about what resources we have or we need...Thank you BNZ.

This Saturday we kick off our DIY DAD Days... This Saturday at school... come and get your hands dirty.

Grant and Jason - newly co-opted members of the Board of Trustees are leading the charge with this great new network for people to get lead a skill or just a helping hand for our school.  They aim to build up a network of people that would like to be contacted about regular DIY Days at school.  The focus for this day is cleaning and preparing all the adventrue playgrounds for a new paint.  If you would like more information contact jcotterell@stanhope.school.nz.



Thank you for all your PUBLIC SUBMISSIONS.....

Select Committees will be meeting over the next two weeks to hear and consider amendments .... this will then progress to the second reading where amendments may OR may not be adopted!!!!


Its been a busy busy term for sports....

This term we saw the biggest turn out for Netball and established a development squad of keen "first timers" that were tournament favourites because of their pure effort and positive attitutude.  League boys and girls have shown huge passion for this game and committment with early morning and afterschool trainings...our boys dug deep and had several close losses (1 point in it) and the girls - many "first timers" also put in a stella effort at the Auckland Regionals.  Basketball Boys are off to tournament tomorrow, this group have been training twice a week at the stadium developing some good dribbling and shooting skills...and bubbling up are a group of very keen girls ballers that are in training for next year already!  Volleyball starts training starts this week for an week 2 term 4 tournament.


qUiCk UpDaTes & ReMiNdErS

Term 3 activity fees are now due

Mon - MMS are off to the Museum

Tuesday Y8 Boys Basketball Tournment

Thurs - BNZ Closed for Good Day

Sat - DIY Dads Day


Ofa Lahi Atu

Laurayne Tafa